flutsch-it, Testen is een vak


available for new opportunities(june 2015)

starting point for a route to achieve reliable chains!!

UPDATE on Cm2RC, 24th of June, 2015 

Testing is a profession for troublemakers, but above all for troubleshooters! 

 I am in these two extreme!.

Afterwards you'll be gratefull for that and, btw, I still have friends among my clients ;) 


I have, in course of my career, developed my personal view on Chain Testing. At the moment (June 2015), I'm converting this to a useful methodology of Chainmanagement to, hands-on, organize and manage chain testing, Cm2RC

Chain management, with the objective to give you more confidence in the reliability and robustness of the proceses in your organization!

Possible roles I could perform are:

  • Chainmanager,
  • ChainTestmanager,
  • Chainarchitect,
  • Chaincoördinator,
  • Coaching (on the job)
  • Test auditor or
  • Every other, existing, role in your Organization, concerning (Chain-) Testing
  • .....

 Under construction (mei 2015)